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Mastering AI Leadership: Navigating the LLM Landscape

Hosted by Polly M Allen, ex-Principal PM-Technical from Alexa AI

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Generative AI Unveiled: A Deep Dive for Product Managers

Unlock the full potential of AI in your product journey. Delve deep into the nuances of Large Language Model application development and navigate the space like a seasoned pro. Here’s what's on the agenda:

  • Chatbots vs. Copilots What's the difference? When does each one make sense?
  • Tackling LLM limitations: Safeguard your projects from inherent risks and navigate them smartly.
  • Strategic engineering: Solutions and persisting challenges in the AI-driven era.
  • PMs in the AI age: Evolving roles and essential skills to emerge victorious.

Join Polly Allen, the trailblazer behind the first generative AI answers on Amazon's Alexa in 2020. Get ready to lead the AI revolution!