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Mastering AI Leadership: Navigating the Large Language Model Landscape

Get the fundamentals product managers and business leaders need to vet and scope opportunities, navigate LLM limitations with strategic and engineering approaches, and build the skillset to bring AI ideas to life

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 Design and Build 
Conversational AI Products 

Industry experts from Alexa AI, Google and Uber show you real-life case studies and frameworks so you can design and build successful Conversational AI products

4 x 120 minute seminars

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The Complete AI Product Leadership Blueprint

Forge a path as a high-impact AI product leader. We'll build a personalized path to suit your goals with interactive classes, a hands-on Generative AI project and expert guidance from a former Alexa AI Principal Product Manager. 

Personalized Group Coaching
8+ hours of videos - AI Concepts for PMs
12 x  30 minute seminars
Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Call, Homework, Feedback and Accountability

Career Guidance, Networking and Interview Support

1:1 Capstone Project

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Design and Build Conversational AI

Next cohort starts February 19th on Reforge!

Unlock the power of the latest AI tools like Large Language Models to design and launch cutting-edge conversational experiences that captivate your audience!

Join this live cohort-based course led by industry pros and learn the secrets to picking the perfect project, crafting and prototyping engaging user experiences, measuring success, and launching your product with confidence.



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Mastering AI Leadership: Navigating  the LLM Landscape

Built for software product managers and business leaders! Get the fundamentals you need to vet and scope opportunities, navigate LLM limitations with strategic and engineering approaches, and build the skillset to bring AI ideas to life! Get clear and save time by learning from an experienced professional who has worked with generative AI for years.



Starting February 21st!

The Complete AI Product Leadership Blueprint

Through this comprehensive group coaching & consulting program, you'll master cutting-edge strategies, industry best practices and real-world case studies so you can drive results and elevate your career by leveraging AI.

You'll work 1:1 with an experienced industry leader to personalize your course based on your goals. You'll choose a capstone project that we'll workshop from vision and requirements to prototype development, with a clear plan to lead an AI team through launch and beyond.


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